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Sherice Griffiths


Sherice Graduated from Westminster University in 2013 and has since been working independently in production. She has created numerous short films, music videos and promo videos for a variety of different clients. She has worked at Fox (National Geographic) in development, worked as a judge at Marbella Film Festival and most recently been selected for Blissfield Film Festival with the short ‘My Godmother’s Wellies’.


Mission Statement
‘My main passion is directing. I have spent years practicing my craft whilst at film school and after. I want to someday direct my own feature films and hope that by creating exciting short form content I can achieve my dreams. I spend a lot of time developing my skills by doing directing workshops, editing courses and photography courses in my spare time.

I have been a member of Raindance Film for around two years where I have attended many courses and masterclasses including the ‘Foundation in Directing’ ‘Introduction to Screenwriting’ and ‘Directing series masterclasses’.