Pre-Production Services

Script Writing & Development


We offer a range of script services at Dare Dynamic Productions which includes both Script Writing and Script Doctoring.

We are happy to write a commissioned script for your project, anything from feature films to a health and safety training video!

We have also script doctored over 100 feature films to date by providing comprehensive feedback and suggestions on how to develop your idea further.

We also provide this service for short films and treatments. Having spent over a year working in television development and commissioning we have been able to advise many writers on the best way to get a treatment seen and into the hands of commissioners.



We offer a comprehensive Script Scheduling Service at Dare Dynamic Productions. We use the industry standard of Movie Magic Scheduling to create a script breakdown and schedule for features and short films.

We have scheduled and worked on internationally acclaimed feature films and can factor in: budget, actor availability, stunts and shooting logistical to all our schedules.