Showreel Services

At Dare Dynamic Productions we offer a fully tailored and bespoke Showreel Services. We are affordable and very flexible. We can provide a dynamic reel, sound mix and colour grade to any of your previously shot footage and we also film a bespoke showreels.

We provide the full package, end-to-end production, with no hidden fees!


We’re a team of award winning writers and filmmakers who know how to write great drama. We think outside the box and deliver unique scenes, realistic characters and stories that let you showcase your best performance.


Our showreel scenes can be scaled up and scaled down depending on your budget and filming requirements. We pride ourselves on being a small team which means we are agile and able to film in small places!


Once we’ve filmed your showreel we take all of the footage and pick out the best shots to make a great reel. We can put this directly into your existing showreel or craft a brand new one for you.


It’s not just about the edit. It’s about the final LOOK. We provide a colour grade and final sound mix to all of our showreel scenes so you look and sound your best.